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Lowes Kitchen Remodel in Unites States

Time Frame for a Kitchen Remodel in California, USA

Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting process; it is a way to make your living space more enjoyable. Even though a cost is involved, you can still redo your kitchen on a budget. The majority of those who remodel get a good return on the investment. Remodeling also comes with many questions and concerns for the homeowner as well. The better your understanding of the process, the faster and easier the remodel will go. This guide will help you understand a little more of the typical course of a kitchen remodel to give you an approximate idea of how much time it takes to go from planning a kitchen remodel to showing off the before and after pictures.

Phase One: Design and Planning

The initial phase of a remodeling project involves the planning. This first step in your plan is when you will meet with your designer and contractor and figure out how your dreams will become a reality. Contrary to what many people believe, this phase can take several weeks. Your designer will take you to showrooms and stores to look at various materials, colors, and trends. You will need to choose a layout that fits your lifestyle, possibly searching through many floor plans, obtain permits, and depending on the cost, get the necessary financing.

The Designer in California, USA

Because the kitchen is a central part of the home in California, USA, you will want a qualified and competent professional in charge of creating your dream kitchen. Whenever possible, aim for a designer certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. This certification proves that the designer has studied and mastered required aspects of mechanics, construction, electrical work, plumbing, and safety. Interview several designers in CA and ask for references and portfolios with examples of their completed designs. Look for a designer with whom you feel at ease so that you can share your vision confidently. If the designer makes you feel uncomfortable or intimidated, you will have difficulties sharing your ideas. Many designers have checklists and worksheets for their clients to help with planning and organization of the project. If your designer does not offer these, you can find them online. Also, remember that some designers employ contractors and vice versa; linking both professionals through the same company and creating a package deal could help save you money.

The Contractor

Often the most stressful part of a remodeling job is finding a great contractor in California, USA. Occasionally a friend or relative can give advice about companies and contractors they know, but it still is a good idea to make an effort to research contractors. Here are some tips for dealing with contractors and finding the right one for your renovation project.

  • REFERANCES - Always ask a prospective contractor for references and follow up with them. It is also a good idea to check online sources for reviews, as well as the local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints are on record. Additionally, ask to see a portfolio of the contractor's completed work. Quality contractors are more than happy to display their finished handiwork.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT - Choosing a contractor in California, USA will be much simpler if you already have a solid idea of the types of changes you would like. Written descriptions and detailed drawn up designs help the contractor to give you an estimate that is much more accurate than an estimate from vague ideas and descriptions.
  • INTERVIEW MORE THAN ONE CONTRACTOR- Typically, it is best to interview at least three contractors before you make any commitment. Show them the plans that your design professional created and be very specific about what you are looking to change.

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Contracts and Payments

After choosing the contractor and designer in California, USA, you will move forward drawing up contracts and ironing out details. There are a few important tips about this process which can save you money and headaches.

  • VERIFY INSURANCE COVERAGE - It is important for you to know what types of situations and expenses your home owner's insurance covers and what costs your contractor's insurance covers in California, USA. It takes a short amount of time to get this information but knowing up front who will pay saves aggravation if an accident occurs.
  • AFIRM GROUND RULES - Have clear, and written, boundaries which cover acceptable hours of work, which entrances and exits workers may use, designated restroom facilities, and end of the day clean up expectations.
  • LIEN RELEASES - Some homeowners do not realize that placing liens against their property if a contractor in California, USA does not pay his suppliers and subcontractors is a possibility. Lien releases absolve you of any responsibility to these providers and subcontractors if your contractor fails to pay them.
  • DETAILED CONTRACT - Only sign a contract that includes an explicitly detailed description of expectations and payments. If you believe the contract that your contractor provides is lacking in certain areas feel free to attach addendums. Also, do not sign a contract for the total cost of the remodeling project; regardless of price quotes, unexpected costs frequently occur in renovations.
  • UPFRONT PAYMENTS - Homeowners should never pay more than 30% of the renovation costs upfront. For most projects a 10% upfront payment is sufficient, but if you need specialized or expensive materials, your contractor may ask for a 20%-30% down payment.
  • PAYMENT SCHEDULE - Your contract should outline a payment plan based on progress triggers. This written timeline provides clear expectations of when payments are due.

The designing and planning phase of a kitchen remodeling project is lengthy in California, USA, but it is important to be careful and thorough with this initial phase. Homeowners should plan on being flexible and patient in this phase because the very best designers and contractors are often booked weeks ahead. Depending on the ease of scheduling meetings and interviews, you should expect the planning phase to take between four to six weeks.

Phase Two:

Now that your planning phase is complete it is time to move forward into the physical remodeling of your kitchen in California, USA. Fortunately, in nearly all kitchen remodels the homeowners can safely remain in the home. The downside to this is you are in a home that is also a construction zone without a working kitchen in CA. Homeowners with young children find this to be troublesome, if not dangerous. If your kids are small, you may want to consider staying with friends or family until the major parts of the construction phase are complete. Plan on exercising as much patience and perseverance as possible and focus on the finished project. Depending on the work to be completed, a kitchen remodel can take up to six weeks, longer if items such as custom built kitchen cabinets are a part of the design. The following are the steps involved in a kitchen remodel after the planning phase is complete.


The first step in the process is to remove appliances, fixtures, art, and furniture. Often these will be stored in your garage or another safe place. Once everything moveable is gone from the kitchen contractors remove cabinets in CA, counters, and flooring.


The second step is where most homeowners encounter unpleasant surprises. Your contractor will inspect all of the elements of the kitchen to be sure everything is safe and up to code. In the event of problems, the contractor should contact you immediately and provide a written estimate of necessary repairs including cost and a time frame.

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Once the kitchen is up to code, your contractor in California, USA will install the necessary electrical and plumbing work. A local inspector will examine this work. Your contractor then installs insulation, drywall, and primer; followed by flooring.


The installation of cabinetry and counters is the next step, after which your contractor will seal the perimeter with caulking if any gaps are present.


The contractor will install your backsplashes, plumbing fixtures, and trim next; followed by finishing the floor. Once the freshly applied floor finish is dry, painting and papering commences.


The final step is installing appliances and light fixtures as well as cleaning the kitchen. The last step is also the time for last minute touchups before calling the project complete.

When homeowners see the step by step process outlined, a kitchen remodeling in California, USA venture can seem like a very daunting project. It is important to be realistic with expectations and plan ahead for the unforeseen occurrences which often slow the construction process as well as increase the cost of the remodel. All totaled, you can expect your kitchen remodel to last at least eight weeks, often up to 12 weeks barring any mistakes or unexpected issues.

Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen in California, USA:

Undertaking the remodel of a small kitchen has a unique set of challenges. Many kitchens are small by necessity; load bearing walls, the positioning of plumbing, and building codes are a few of the reason your kitchen may be tiny. By no means does this mean that your kitchen is without hope. When planning a kitchen remodel for a small space, many homeowners ask themselves, "Where can I find designers or contractors near me who specialize in small kitchen remodeling?" You will need to ask specific questions to find professionals with experience in planning a small kitchen remodel, but it will be well worth the effort.

Special design points for a small kitchen in California, USA

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Many homes with small kitchens have structural elements that led builders to create smaller kitchens. If this is an issue for your kitchen, you will need to consider just how far you are willing to go in your remodel in CA. Do you want to create a kitchen with a smarter use of space and an illusion of openness or do you want to allow workmen to knock down walls and reroute plumbing and electric? Remember that a full blown rebuilding of your kitchen will extend the time and increase the cost of your remodeling project. It is also important to note that a renovation project which involves large scale rebuilding may require more permits and inspections. Here are a few structural elements that add style and improve function in a small kitchen.

  • Pocket doors
  • Mobile islands on casters that store out of the way when not in use
  • A small kitchen island with a cook top
  • Expanding existing windows or creating French doors if applicable
  • Install a Lazy Susan type of turntable in corners
  • Under the counter appliances such as a coffee maker, toaster oven, or a microwave
  • Add chair rail shelving above cabinets for displaying decorative items in CA
  • Open a wall partially for a window and shelf
  • Open a wall entirely to create the feeling of space


Color has power. Choosing the right color in your kitchen can create the illusion of space even if there is not room for an open floor plan. Designers usually propose keeping small spaces light and bright when remodeling in California, USA. Fortunately, many of the shades and materials that are light and bright and give a feeling of spaciousness are also top design trends for 2017. Planning around colors may require some compromise regarding the kitchen of your dreams. The cherry cabinets and dark granite countertop which look outstanding in spacious kitchens will not lighten or brighten a small kitchen.It is best to avoid dark cabinets and dark colors altogether unless you are using a dark shade as an accent color in small doses. While color trends come and go, here are some timeless top color trends which also will give a sense of openness to your kitchen.

  • Subway Tile
  • White cabinets
  • Light oak cabinets and trim
  • Pale gray cabinets
  • Stainless steel finishes
  • White or light gray tile floors
  • Monochrome kitchens in light or bright shades
  • Subtle metallic shades
  • Lacquered surfaces
  • Contrasting trim on white


Storage space is an issue nearly all homeowners struggle with at times; a small kitchen in CA compounds this annoying issue into a major problem. Your contractor and designer will easily remedy the problem of storage space if you are choosing to have a larger renovation of your small kitchen in California, USA. Because this may not be practical for your kitchen and you are opting to stay with your existing floor plan and not rebuild, here are some helpful ideas to present to your designer and contractor.

  • Shelves affixed above existing cabinets in CA
  • Cabinets with creative storage features
  • Create ceiling height cabinets and add a rolling ladder for access
  • Hang a pot rack to free up storage space that already exists
  • Fit areas that have open space with shelving that makes good use of the unused space
  • A simple shelf above the stove top for decor or small appliances
  • A built-in oven and an electric cooktop allow space taken by a stove to become cabinets with storage
  • Stacked cabinets
  • Opt for a sleek modern look with stainless steel appliances that fit neatly into small spaces
  • Painting the cabinets a light or bright color if you are If keeping existing cabinets

It is likely that your designer has numerous ideas for remodeling small kitchens and would be happy to display their design portfolio. Likewise, your contractor may have great suggestions for moving items within the space constraints of your kitchen. However, offering some of your favorite ideas or providing pics of specific design ideas are both great ways to personalize the project and help your designer and contractor create the kitchen you want. While remodeling a small kitchen in CA is an extensive project making your small kitchen more spacious and useful is worth your time and effort.

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